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Soundwave is a spooky creepy telepath who can pick your processor apart if you're a robot like him. Don't want him to do that? Post it in here!

Also, he's very good at hacking and just a little paranoid.

Don't want that either? Slap it up here!
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Player Information

Name/Alias: Squid

Your Journal: [personal profile] hailthenarc

Age: 26

Contact Information: Plurk: Squiddly, AIM: Squiddlypeon

Characters already in the game: Shattered Glass Primeverse Soundwave
Character Information

Character Journal: [personal profile] robocreep

Character Name: Soundwave (AKA: Slenderbot)

Character Canon: Transformers Prime

Age: As old as Megatron is, perhaps just a vorn or two younger. So an old, creepy, faceless spooky asshole.

Race: Cybertronian

Timeline Pull Point: At the very moment he is tricked into entering the Shadow Zone.

Canon History: WIKIDIKIDOO

CRAU History: N/A

Personality: Soundwave was never much of a charmer, or a talkative person, even before the war. While it could be said the horrors of war have warped him, to be honest, it was less 'the war' and more of his devotion to the Decepticon ideal.

First of all, on that note, Soundwave sees himself as 'perfect'. He is the perfect soldier, the perfect officer, the perfect spy, the perfect communications chief, and the second to perfect fighter on the whole damn Nemesis. He is perfect, and he's spent most of the long, four million year long war being told by Megatron himself that he is perfect. While Starscream may be the acting second in command, it's Soundwave who acts as his lords personal confidant and adviser, Soundwave's word that holds the most weight, Soundwave's intel that drives the entire force. Without Soundwave, the Decepticons would fall, and he is deeply aware of this fact. He is intensely proud, proud of his name, his cause and his lord. And if by some miracle you manage to scuff that pride, there will be Hell to pay for it.

He also has a small, minor, totally no big deal problem with complete and total unhealthy obsession. He obsesses over fine, intricate details that no one else would notice. He stalked Starscream since day one, and has endless backlogs of all the jets movements. Every single one of them, every flight off the ship, every dip into the energon supply, every word and thought and curse against their leader is carefully and meticulously documented for later. He is also obsessed with Megatron. It was entirely Soundwave that saw to it that their lord rose from his sick bed the first time he was almost killed. Only Soundwave defended him, and ensured that he returned to full power once again. He is obsessed with defeating the Autobots, and follows every single radio signal throughout the entire planet, picking endlessly through mountains of noise and data for that single broadcast that outs an Autobot on the move. He is obsessed with being the best there is, to the point where he's stripped away and added so much, his biology is no longer anywhere near average for a Cybertronian, as it was mentioned by Ratchet. Soundwave is deeply disturbed.

But it's hard to tell, because he never talks. No one has ever cracked the Communications Chief's shell, only Megatron honestly knows what goes on behind that black visor and inside that helm of his. He has no face, he has no voice, and he shows no feeling. It was a rumor that Soundwave actually deleted his emotions in order to improve his processor speed and memory for the Decepticon cause, and if that is the case, he has sacrificed an integral, major part of himself, all in the name of Megatron. He doesn't seem to miss it, or care that he can't feel anything anymore, if this is indeed the case, so it's honestly almost impossible to dredge up much feelings of sympathy or pity for the spy. Mostly because he would never show you the same.

Speaking of sympathy and pity, Soundwave is no mad dog, blind killer. He's spared people on several occasions, and more than one person has escaped a fight with Soundwave battered, but alive. This is because he is deeply pragmatic. If he doesn't kill you, it isn't because he thinks it's wrong, or because he has a sense of honor. He doesn't want to expend the energy on it. He has much better things to do than to smash some three stupid kids under his foot, or stain his hands with Wheeljack's energon. He even lets traitors like Airachnid live, if only because as long as his message is understood, there is no need for further violence. Some violence of course, he's no hippy, but if he can get out of a conflict without killing a possibly useful person, he'll do it. Likewise, if you aren't on his to do list, he ain't gonna do ya. In that is. im a fucking comedian. Honestly, not having your life threatened by Soundwave is almost a sort of insult, as he doesn't see the person as important enough to murder. Too bad most people miss that insinuation, they're generally just happy they're still alive.

Powers/Abilities: Telepathy: Powerful telepathy, which he can use to sift through a mechs mind and predict their movements and thoughts.

Tentacles: Powerful weapons that can bore through rock and faces. A single swing can snap concrete, and they can also deploy a powerful electric shock. Kitted out with feelers for direct uplinks and as sensory equipment for feeling around areas he can't see.

Genius: A damn good one, genius is an understatement. Since the deletion of unimportant subroutines, Soundwave's intelligence reaches far, far beyond an average Cybertronian.

Frequency seeking and recording: He can hear everything. Anything that is said on a device, he can receive.

Hacking: Lock it fifteen times and filter it through a proxy. He'll still find it.

Incrypting: Likewise, it's almost impossible to break through incryptions of his own design. There was no unlocking him after he crashed himself into stasis.

Flight: A drone plane. A cool dark purple and black one. Blends in nicely with the night sky.

Sword: And he's very, very good at using it. Second only to Megatron.

Inventory: Laserbeak: His one remaining minicon. Connected to him mentally, acts as an extended part of him.

Sword: What it says on the box, also a physical part of him.

Writing Samples (These should be stand-alone samples. You may re-use samples from other applications you have written, but we will not be accepting links to previous threads/museboxes/dear-mun posts or other such things. The samples should be visible on your app.)

First Person Sample: [It is entirely in text. It lacks flavor, but... well at least it gets the general idea across]

Seeking: general supplies relation to modification of drone units.

Required: circuitry, sheet metal, silicone chips, glass appropriate for camera lenses.


Edit: Paint required.

Searching: Warehouse. All users currently claiming 'ownership' of warehouse will be dealt with immediately and with great prejudice.

Recommended: Relocation until search for supplies is complete. Will notify when area has been vacated.

Resistance is ill advised.

Third Person Sample: He'd found his own place quickly enough. He never had a 'nice' place on Cybertron before the war. Either some dirty communal home for the bottom caste or a bunker with a hundred other gladiators. After becoming Megatron's third however, he'd quickly gotten used to, and expected, his own space. So he had to get one immediately. The fact that no one questioned it, asked him who his manufacturer was or what his alt mode was, what he did for a living, was... disquieting. It was everything Megatron had ever wanted, of course. Total freedom and equality, wasn't it? But he'd wanted more then, he'd wanted superiority.

Soundwave had picked a fine place to stay. Sprawling, massive, just for himself. Logically it should have been shared with another, but... well no one was going to stay with him. Frankly just the way he wanted it, he didn't want to bother with dealing with an annoying roommate to share energon and sleeping quarters with. He had immediately upgraded the locks the moment he was in, making the code so convoluted and complex that only someone with a data pad and a couple hours to kill could break it on the first go. That was, of course, if Soundwave wasn't alerted to their presence by the silent alarm and camera set up just outside the door.

With his privacy more or less guaranteed, he set about... not personalizing the place. He wasn't nearly so creative or cute like that. It was almost like Feng Shui, but more aligned with being efficient. There was a screen stationed in very specific places of the house, nothing blocking the massive window at all, though he'd darkened the tint to ensure no one could see into it. There was no clutter, nothing sat in the middle of the floor like a coffee table or decorations. A shrine dedicated to efficiency.

There was a single table, shoved far into the back of the room, with a single chair, where he could sit with his back to the wall and watch the entire area carefully.

A thing he was doing right now, sitting with a cube of energon to one side of him, being slowly nursed... and his mask held in his hands, carefully working with the circuitry. With the sky now dark, the only thing that lit the room was his biolights, the energon, and his optics. He could see what he was doing just fine, quietly upgrading his mask with careful and deft fingers.

Every so often, his eyes would dart to the door at the barest hint of a sound, the now former soldier waiting until the footsteps had passed before he started on his mask again.

He wasn't made for peace. He couldn't understand it anymore. So he didn't bother. As far as he was concerned, he was just waiting for the Word From His Lord that it was once more, time to rise up.
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I mean

Soundwave is a difficult character, I'd appreciate any pointers anyone can give!

Anon commenting is on, all comments screened!


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